Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Magical Knitting

Wow, it looks like Hufflepuff had an exciting Quidditch match! I'm so sorry I missed it - and so glad that Lavender caught the Snitch for us. She's a great Head Girl.

I couldn't hunt because I was visiting my boyfriend, and picking up the dogs. So now Zero gets to hang out with them again. Isn't it funny how dogs always notice each other? That seems to be true even when one of them is a ghost.

While I was there, I started on a new knitting project. Like the Moebius Scarf, it has its own touch of magic. This looks like an ordinary scarf, but it's going to be a very versatile garment - a quick incantation will transform it into a sweater, or a shrug, or a hood, or all sorts of other useful things. I think it will be great for traveling - my Undetectable Extension Charms aren't what they should be, so I just can't fit as much as I'd like to in a suitcase. Magical clothes may be a good solution to that problem.

I also pulled together a package for my Gryffindor friend, Elanya, this weekend. I hope the owls find her soon!

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