Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's time for another week of games - this one's anagrams, with something coming later. So here's my list for the first part:

In the second volume of the HP books by JK Rowling, The (#1)Chrome Cab Festers, we continue to learn the incredible adventures of Hogwarts student (#2) Parry He Trot and his friends (#3) Oral Weensy and (#4) Angering Her More. Belonging to the house of (#5) Dry Off Grin, they attend Defense Against the (#6) Ark Darts taught by Wizarding celebrity (#7) Oracle Dorky Light, a none-too-bright fellow who cannot even handle pixies!

In The (#8) Chrome Cab Festers, we also meet Dobby a (#9)See Flu Oh for the first time. Determined Dobby seeks to sabotage the return of (#10) Parry He Trot to Hogwarts and is pretty persistent but is unsuccessful. After a few weeks at school, the deceased Ravenclaw student who haunts the girls lavatory, also known as (#11) My Molten Grain, shows (#12) Parry He Trot and (#13) Oral Weensy an old empty diary that dropped through her ghostly form out of thin air!

Many nifty things continue to happen for the next several months… we won’t go into all the juicy details right now… however, the ending is prime reading indeed!! (#14) Parry He Trot finally kills Tom Riddle’s (a.k.a #15 Mold Voter) sneaky diary (which we now know is a #16 Crux Rho) and saves the sister of (#17) Oral Weensy, (#18) Gayly Nine Sew!!!

Oh! Of course, we must mention that the thickheaded (#19) Oracle Dorky Light unintentionally erased his own memory, so he won’t be back for book three, The (#20) Snob In A Froze Parka

1. Chamber of Secrets
2. Harry Potter
3. Ron Weasley
4. Hermione Granger
5. Gryffindor
6. Dark Arts
7. Gilderoy Lockhart
8. Chamber of Secrets
9. House Elf
10. Harry Potter
11. Moaning Myrtle
12. Harry Potter
13. Ron Weasley
14. Harry Potter
15. Voldemort
16. Horcrux
17. Ron Weasley
18. Ginny Weasley
19. Gilderoy Lockhart
20. Prisoner of Azkaban

Monday, June 22, 2009

Three Truths and a Lie

We're playing a cabin game called "Three Truths and a Lie." So guess which one of these things is not true about me:

1. I am three degrees of separation away from Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Saddam Hussein.
2. I have never received a speeding ticket.
3. I used to be a penguin.
4. I can't hold my breath under water.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camp Games

I'm just slipping in under the wire here - but I wouldn't want to miss the camp games!

Part 1: What's In My Trunk?

Selena brought
a Sneakoscope
a Slinky
tasty Snacks
some Spare robes
a Succulent plant
new Socks
lots of Sock Yarn
vacation Souvenirs
a set of Stationery
Snake Repellent, just in case!

Part 2 - WINGO

I1 - Bevin Rae Mooney
I2 - Winifred Wartbobble
I3 - Hermione Bagnold (Edinburgh), or me (Tiberias, York, Budapest)
I4 - Bridget the Bloodthirsty (it's even the same day in June!)
I5 - Antonio de la Weasley

Part 3: Comments

I'm really impressed by Airica Lupin's Devil's Snare, and by Cassandra Crimsonchin's Starry Hairtamer.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Camp!

Wow, this is an exciting summer! For the first time ever, Hogwarts is doing a summer camp! So now we can all get together again, and not have to wait all summer to see wizard friends.

I can't complain about the summer, though. I've had a great time away from Hogwarts. I went on a vacation to the mountains with my Muggle fiance, and as you can see, I had to take pictures of everything! We're getting married soon, in a Muggle wedding, so it's nice to have camp to provide a break from all that Muggle stuff.

I can't wait to get started!