Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Owl's Arrival

Madam Ferula Finnigan's owl dropped by, with a whole bag full of goodies for me!

Here's the bag...

...and here are the goodies!

There's a fabulous collection here - So I hope I remember to describe everything:

Two balls of Cascade 220, and some big needles for knitting something felted
A ball of pretty blue German sock yarn
A cute little bag, full of tea
A pretty note card, and some "Wizardry" stickers
Some candles, which smelled so lovely that I thought the lilacs on the other side of the house had been enchanted to become especially fragrant. Then I realized it was coming from the package on my doorstep!

AND this adorable little dragon.

Here's the owl responsible for the delivery. It's pretty impressive that such a little guy could carry such a big bag, isn't it?

I think it goes without saying that I'm enjoying the package - it's such a lovely collection! My doggies have had fun with it too, checking out the messages that Madam Ferula's kitties must have left for them. Their little noses were so glued to the bag that I could barely check it out myself!

Thank you, Ferula! See you at Summer Camp, I hope!