Tuesday, January 27, 2009

7th Term

Wow, I can't believe it's time for the next term already. The holidays just seemed to fly by. My boyfriend and I spent some time traveling together, but now it's back to school for me and back to the Muggles for him.

I was quite surprised to get a letter from our Head Girl, Lavender, saying she's moved to Slytherin House. It's hard to imagine such a thing! I wonder what our new Head Girl will be like?

I almost wonder if she's really a Ravenclaw at heart - thanks to her, we're the first House to get homework! We're supposed to create a wish list. This is always hard - I have to do this for the Muggle families for when my boyfriend and I get married, and I'm having a terrible time deciding what we need.

But my Ravenclaw tendencies are showing, too, because I already have a Wish List here. I already have some knitting-related things on it, like this adorable peacock. I'd also love to have some jewelry that marks me as a knitter - there's only one example on this list, but I know there's a lot of neat stuff out there.

What else??? Hmmm... can you believe I haven't read The Tales of Beedle the Bard yet? Somehow those old stories have become all the rage in the Wizarding community again, but I've never read or heard them. And everyone who sees me walk around the grounds knows I love 100% wool sock yarn, because then I can wear my Birkenstocks through the snow. But then again, all yarn is good, right? I'm always happy with new project bags, too - you never have enough of those! And I love gadgets - even Muggle ones - the tinier and more ingenious, the better. The Weasley boys say their father is absolutely fascinated with Muggle substitutes for magic, and I have to admit I feel the same way. Who wouldn't love a cleverly designed little thing?

So there's the start of a wish list. I hope all of our homework will be this easy!