Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quiz #7

Looks like I've missed a few quizzes. But at least I can get this one in - just before the deadline!

1. If this was your first HSKS, have you enjoyed yourself. If you are alumni, was this term better than other terms (if so how)? I'm not sure that it was better, but it's been fun. Last term, we seemed to be a more lively House and interact more. I miss that.

2. Will you be returning for HSKS7? Yes!

3. What is your favorite part of HSKS? Getting to know all the other knitters in my House, as well as my spoiler and spoilee. Someday, I'd love to meet everyone in person!

4. If you had the chance to switch houses next term would you? What house would you be in? Nope! I'm a Hufflepuff through-and-through, now.

5. Are there any problems that you need to talk to the Head Girl or Prefects about? No problems.

6. Has your Spoiler been in contact with you about your package? We've been in contact, and I know I'm getting a package. She hasn't told me what to expect or anything!

7. Have you been in contact with your Spoilee to let them know you are still with us? ;) Yep - not as much as I should have, but she knows I'm still alive. Sometime I'll even send the postcard I'm carrying around - maybe for Christmas.

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