Monday, November 24, 2008

Daisy's Delivery

Wow, today was an exciting day for all of us. A thumping at the door proved to be a delivery from Daisy, Amethyst Aurag's owl.

Much to everyone's surprise, there were two packages. The dogs always get excited when there's Post, because they like the company. They were even more excited to discover that one of the packages was addressed to them. (You can't see it very well here, but the package actually says "Bad Dogs.")

Oscar's excitement was somewhat misplaced. He kept trying to investigate the packaging, rather than the contents of the package.

But he was excited when he finally figured it out. And Max was really excited, because Pepper and Rascal, who are cats, decided to get in on the goody-exchange business and send some doggy treats. Oh, happy doggy day!

Daisy and her helper had a package for me, too. When I took off the paper, I saw this nifty small trunk....

..and opened it up to see all sorts of goodies waiting inside.

This is where the dog treats proved to be a gift for me. With the dogs content and busy, I had time to go through the box, and enjoy everything.

Just look at what was inside! There's a handmade knitting-needle holder, that can roll up or hang on a wall. There are two Christmas ornaments - one for Syracuse University (I wonder if any Hogwarts students wind up there?), and one that looks like a basket of yarn. There are handmade stitch markers and wine charms, some people treats, and a sandalwood-scented bar of soap with a raven on the label (Amethyst is in Ravenclaw). There's some beautiful blue fiber for spinning. And don't forget the YARN!!!! Sock yarn, in the "Half-Blood Prince" colorway, and some handsome ebony needles for knitting with it. I hear there may be a Hufflepuff Sock Knitalong between terms - I know what I'll be knitting.

Thank you so much, Amethyst! And the doggies thank you, too!

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Isdihara said...

Just love seeing all the lovely goodies you are receiving from your Hogwarts pals. And your dogs benefit too!