Saturday, November 22, 2008


I had an interesting package delivery yesterday.

Lavender Ackerly sent me a package for our Hufflepuff Cracker Exchange. I don't know if her owl was busy, or if she lives someplace very cold - but this package was delivered by PENGUINS! How neat is that?

I thought it was a big package for a cracker, but it turned out to be a really big cracker - with a Hufflepuff wrapper, no less!

And while our wizard crackers don't bang when they're opened, this one was still pretty exciting. I got the traditional hat, but with a twist - I'll be knitting it myself! Then there was this really pretty knit bag, which looks like it will hold a lot of yarn. And some candies, which you don't see here because I hid them from the dogs right away.

Thanks Lav! I can't wait to start knitting!


Lavender A said...

Glad you liked it!! And WOW, did you knit that hat up quickly or what!

Selena Starfire said...

I had to! I don't like to wear my Christmas Hat until after Thanksgiving, and my Election Hat didn't seem right anymore. Your hat came just in time!