Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hogwarts Ghosts

I was sitting by the window in our common room today, when a new ghost flew in. He's not like the other ghosts here at Hogwarts.

His name is Zero. He's very friendly, and he's been following me around all day. Most of the Hogwarts ghosts are quite nice - our own Fat Friar is always jolly, Nearly Headless Nick is unfailingly polite, and even Peeves can be quite funny sometimes. But Zero's unusual - he really likes to be around people, all the time, and he's very warm and cuddly for a ghost.

I've been trying to pet him a bit, and I think he likes that. It's hard to pet a ghost, but he's so cute that I can't help but try. Sometimes he gets in a playful mood, but he was content to spend most of the day in my lap, or hovering just over my shoulder while I was reading.

He reminds me a lot of one of my Muggle dogs, Oscar. But I don't think Oscar could be part ghost, since I'm already pretty sure he's part Niffler. But maybe Zero is a distant relative of Oscar's - that might explain the resemblance. Since I can't have Oscar or Max with me when I'm in class, I'm glad Zero's here. It's nice to have doggie company - and I think this ghostly dog likes having company, too. I'm happy to snuggle with Zero!

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