Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slow Days

The counselors remind me that it's been awhile since I've written anything here, like I'm supposed to. That's true, but it's because there hasn't been much to write. I've hardly had any time for fun camp activities, because of all this Muggle moving stuff. Here is how my day goes:

  • Wake up. Way too early, because we don't have curtains yet.
  • Get dressed. In something totally random, because we can't put away clothes until we paint the bedroom.
  • Eat breakfast. Preferably something the ants haven't gotten.
  • Open boxes and put stuff away.
  • Move some heavy things - with no magic - to make more spaces to put stuff away.
  • Eat lunch. Something random, because we've combined two pantries and have to finish open things. Once again, no conjuring something else.
  • Open boxes and put stuff away.
  • Eat dinner. Usually take-out, because we're tired of random open things and too tired to cook. Of course, we're also tired of take-out.
  • Open boxes and put stuff away. Wonder what we've forgotten to move.
Throw in lots of dog-wrangling, and you have my day - any day. So there's nothing really exciting to report.

Tonight may not be so boring. We've been watching lightning for the past hour or so. The nearest storm is 100 miles away, so it's pretty amazing that we're getting such a show. I'm not sure if I'm hoping it gets closer or not!

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