Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Only One Chair

I've mentioned before that moving with Muggles is hard. You do it one thing at a time, for everything. All day. So you wind up spending some time without stuff you need, and you can't just conjure up replacements.

What happens when you have only one chair?


The dogs love their new home. They've been running around checking out all the rooms, and just plain running around. They've already met some of the neighbors, and some of the neighbor dogs. I think they'll be quite happy.

Especially since they seem to get first dibs on all of the furniture. How does that happen, anyway?


Cindy said...

Well, I bet it's pretty easy for them to get the chair since it's the only thing in the picture. Maybe, if you have something else to sit in;-P

Pandora said...

My dog took over my dd's papazon chair. He fits perfectly in it!