Friday, July 24, 2009

Flying Without a Broom

Traveling with Muggles is an eye-opening experience. Once you're actually married to one, there are just all sorts of things you have to get used to. The Muggles even have a television program about a witch who married a Muggle, but - and this is the good part - they think it's all made up!

So Muggles, you know, don't fly. Well, they say they're "flying" - but they mean riding in an airplane, which is much, much slower than Apparating or using the Floo Network. But Muggles are ingenious at coming up with substitutes for magic. And since they never get to ride on brooms, they've found something else.

It's called parasailing!

The whole thing was very sweet. Aaron's uncle (it's all Muggles in his family, but they're nice Muggles) came up to him at the reception. He said that there was something he and Aaron's aunt had wanted to do for their honeymoon, but didn't because they were trying to save money, and they always regretted it. So he gave Aaron some muggle money, and told him that if we came across something silly that we really wanted to do, we should do it.

So this is what we found - Muggle flying! I hope I'm not losing my Wizardy credentials for saying this, but it was really very fun. Keeping the International Statutes on Magical Secrecy might not be so bad, after all.

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