Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a care package!

It's always nice to get mail at camp. No matter how much fun you're having, you miss family and friends, so it's nice to know they're thinking of you. And it's really nice to get a care package with some goodies to make camp more fun.

Yesterday was really, REALLY nice! I got back to my cabin to find a package waiting for me, from Cassandra in Hinkypunks.

I wondered why Oscar was so interested in a care package for me, but that became obvious when I opened it. Not only did Cassandra send all sorts of lovely things for me, but she even remembered the VeryBadDogs!

Here's a better picture to let you see everything. I can't believe the dogs didn't notice I was taking this, but for once they stayed out of the way.

So, I get a kit for Potions class, to make some scented bath salts. Then there's a bonus Herbology project thrown in - yarn, needles, and a pattern for the Foliage hat. There are some buttons, including one that says "Mischief Managed" (Cassie has me pegged!) and a cute little bookmark that holds a photo.

Then there are these - some tiny little trial-size skeins of Harry Potter Opal yarn. I just love the mini skeins!

And I have to show you a picture of the pouch that holds the Potions ingredients - isn't it lovely? It's a little dark, but you can sort of see that the pouch is lined with the same funky fabric as is on the strap. I think it's handmade, although I'm not 100% sure - it's definitely beautiful work!

Thank you so much, Cassandra! Happy summer!

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