Friday, August 14, 2009

Dining with the Muggles

I've heard that Muggles think some of our Wizard foods are kind of strange. I guess that's a little bit understandable, if they don't know, say, that there aren't any real frogs in Chocolate Frogs. And Every-Flavor-Beans are supposed to be weird, but maybe they don't like jokes with their food?

Or maybe they do. We were at the Indiana State Fair yesterday, and found all kinds of strange Muggle food.

Like corn dogs. It's not what you're afraid of - more like a sausage covered with dough. The corn-on-the-cob, though, was exactly what it claimed to be - and so good we couldn't take pictures, because our hands were covered with butter!

But what about this? This was a really bad idea. And a really bad pizza.

Or this? We didn't even try this. Muggle food usually doesn't move at all, but in this case I wonder if the pigs wallow around in the chocolate. If they do, then it sounds a lot like Chocolate Frogs - so it doesn't make sense for muggles to think our food is weird.

You know how Mr. Weasley says that Muggles have all sorts of clever substitutes for magic? That must be what they used here. I don't think this cake was enchanted at all, it's just really cleverly decorated.

But some things made me think Wizards might have been exhibiting at the Fair. Doesn't this look like it has to have been made by one of us?!?

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