Friday, August 21, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

There's one thing all of us here at camp have in common - and have in common with a lot of Muggles - we all love to knit, and perhaps do other crafts, too.

Now imagine what it would be like if you couldn't get yarn. Or needles, or fabric, or anything else you needed. It turns out there are a lot of Muggles in that situation.

And there's a man who's trying to help some of them. An American serviceman in Iraq is collecting boxes of sewing and knitting supplies to distribute to Iraqis who need them. Because he's in the military, it's really cheap to send a box of stuff to him, so it's easy to de-stash and get things in the hands of people who will use them.

You can read all about it here. I'm having so much fun getting things together for my friend in Hinkypunks, that I'm going to make another package, for someone I don't even know. If you want to do the same thing, Mr. IBOL Guy is happy to tell you how to do it.

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