Saturday, September 20, 2008

Potions Practice

It's hard to remember how much fun Potions can be when your teacher is Snape - sorry, Professor Snape. With him, it's all about things you can do to people - Swelling Solution, Confusing Concoction, Veritaserum, Draught of Living Death. I think the only reason he teaches antidotes at all is so he'll have an excuse to poison students. After his class, you're left thinking Potions are mostly a Dark Art - so why would you ever want to study them?

But Potions can be fun, too. My friend from last term, Calliope, invited me to join her and a bunch of the witches in her town for a Potions Day in the park. We spent the whole day working on Potions that change the color of things - mostly yarn and stuff, but I got a bit too eager to work on mine, and wound up turning my hands blue. I think somebody else accidentally colored her hair, but the more experienced witches assured her that the color wouldn't stay unless she'd also spilled Mordantum Mixture on her hair first.

We learned that you can use some ingredients that are easy to find - like Pokeberry, and even Walnuts for your potions - although having some Dragon's Blood and Beetle Scale helps make the really nice colors.

I'm sorry Calliope couldn't come back to Hogwarts for this term, but she says she'll be back next year. She's still practicing her Potions work almost every week, so I know she'll have all sorts of exciting things to show off when she gets back!


E. Madley said...

wow, is that sort of potions class that I can look forward to next year?! Exciting!!!

Lavender A said...

That sounds like such a fun class! And you got to meet Calliope? Jealous(1)