Friday, September 12, 2008

My Wand

Last term, I didn't worry too much about my wand - I just borrowed one for learning the basic spells. Some people thought it was funny that, when I bought my spindle, I paid more attention to it than I did to a wand. But it makes sense - you have to find the right combination of wood and whorl (just like a wand and its core), and you want something that fits your hand. If you spend a lot of time around Muggles, a spindle is a bit - only a bit, I'm afraid - easier to explain than a wand.

But this year I have my own wand, selected by Mr. Ollivander just for me!

Wood type: olive
Length: 11 inches
Core: Phoenix Feather

get your own wand!

Mr. Ollivander says this about Olive wands:

Olive wands tend to choose the witch or wizard who possess above average intelligence, not to mention often an overactive imagination. Olive wands are also a favorite of healers and are especially good not only for healing but also for protective spells. Many believe the bearers of Olive wands to be good at decision making - but this is not necessarily so. The owner of an olive wand may be decisive but that does not mean their decisions are the right ones. On the other side of the coin they may be so busy worrying about what is right that they are unable to ever reach a conclusion.
Olive's personality is peaceful
And this about the Phoenix feather core:
The Phoenix Feather comes from the tail feathers of a Phoenix, and is especially good with fire or defensive magic, as well as healing magic. This may be due largely to the healing properties Phoenixes have.
I tend to burn myself a lot, when I'm baking or making glass beads, so I hope this wand will be good for healing those burns!

P.S. There was a lovely surprise in my mailbox today, a leftover from HSKS5! Read all about it on my Muggle Blog.

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