Friday, April 2, 2010

Back for Round 10

After summer camp and a lively round of Quidditch, we're back at Hogwarts again!

It seems like the faculty come up with something new every year as a way for us to get to know one another. This year, we're supposed to focus on three famous residents of Hogwarts, and explain what we like about them. So here are mine:

1. Luna Lovegood. I like that Luna's smart, and that she doesn't really think about being smart. It seemed only natural to her that you'd be happy to learn something new, even if it means you're locked out of your common room. I think it's fun that she makes her own jewelry, and paints her bedroom walls. I also really like that she's independent, and willing to go her own way.

2. Tonks. Tonks is just plain cool. Wouldn't it be great to change your face any way you wanted to? And, while I'm happily married, I kind of with her having the hots for Professor Lupin, as he's on my "easy on the eyes" list.

3. Nearly Headless Nick. He may be my strangest choice. I like Nick because I do medieval re-enactment, and Nick saw the Middle Ages (albeit not just the good parts) up close and personal. I also think John Cleese is great.

It's so hard to pick favorites at Hogwarts, but that will have to do for a start. I think it's going to be a fun term!

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