Thursday, April 8, 2010


If you remember my previous terms at Hogwarts, you know that Transfiguration isn't my best subject. So I was more than a little nervous when we got a Transfiguration project for our first big homework assignment of the year. I think it's worked out, though.

First, we're supposed to post an originality marker, so everyone knows that we're actually there transfiguring the thing. This is mine.

Next, I need a picture of the thing I'm going to transfigure. So I went rummaging around in the pantry and found these:

Then you cast the spell. This is the one I used.

And here's the Transfigured object!

I Transfigured the kitchen stuff into rock cakes, just like Hagrid makes. I had to go looking for the proper spell because, being American, I'd never heard of rock cakes before Hogwarts. They're a lot like our biscuits (but not Hogwarts biscuits). The spell says that there's a joke that even dogs don't like rock cakes, but I can tell you that's not true. My dogs love rock cakes.

I'm a little worried that I crossed some spells, and got a Disappearing Charm in there somehow. I just transfigured the rock cakes, and more than half of them are already gone.

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