Thursday, December 24, 2009

Early Christmas Goodies!

Christmas came early in my house (even though I'm posting this late), with a fabulous package of Quality Quidditch Supplies from Gryphon the Great, of the Pride of Portree!

Just look at all of the great stuff Gryphon sent! There's a bag for all of my Quidditch gear, patterns and yarns for a dog-themed hat and gloves, treats for me, treats for the VeryBadDogs (which I think were homemade, and which we had to put up pretty quickly to prevent them all being devoured at once), and two nifty sculputures - a hedgehog with hairbrush bristles (perhaps a Transfiguration project?) and a dragon.

Here's a better look at the bag, with its Appleby Arrows logo. It has a nicely reinforced handle (I can't tell if that's from the stitch, or if he's added something) and is lined in bright purple. It's going to get a lot of use as a project bag, even when I don't have Quidditch matches to go to.

And here's the dragon. Gryphon recommended that the dragons get "G" names, so his name is Gordy. I haven't figured out what the hedgehog's name is yet, but I'm sure I'll know soon.

Thank you, Gryphon, for a wonderful package of magical supplies!

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Elizabeth said...

The top of the bag and bag handle were crocheted using a sturdy stitch, nothing else! (Psst ... he designed that bag himself!) And yes, the doggie treats were also homemade by Gryphon!