Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wish List

Just like Muggle sports leagues, our first week of Quidditch practice seems to involve a lot of paperwork. I've gotten registered, been assigned my team (yeah, Appleby Arrows!!!), and now we're supposed to post a wish list. So here it goes:

Favorite colors: Blues, purples, greens - cool colors. Also jewel tones.
Favorite scents: Lilac, violet, spices, cool scents
Favorite yarn brands: Fleece Artist, Lorna's Laces
Favorite yarn types (wool, cotton, etc.): I prefer 100% wool for my socks, but use the blends when I like the colors. I haven't done as much knitting with non-wool fibers, but I've never met a natural fiber I don't like.
Favorite types of snacks: Nuts, gummy bears, chick-o-stix, chocolate with mint or nuts, cheesy stuff.

Specify whether you knit or crochet or both: Mostly knitting, but I've done some crochet

Allergies: Cats and black olives

Wishlists: My wishlist, and my Bridal Registries. I didn't register for yarn, and I don't know how many housewares are good for quidditch (although we've beent talking about getting a new broom), but it's an easy link to a wishlist!

Add anything else that you think will help your spoiler out: Hmm...I like to read, a lot. Right now we're doing a lot of work on our Craftsman-era house, so I'm looking for decorating inspiration! I do lampworking, I cook, I like wine. I have two bad dogs. I think it's fun to learn about other places, and stuff other people like. And I love gadgets!

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