Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Muggle Dueling

Since I'm doing it again, I should write about it again - Dueling With The Muggles.

This is a different group of Muggles, and a different group of things to knit - instead of hats, it's socks. The Muggles call it Sock Madness. For those of you who are interested in Things Muggles Do, the "Madness" part comes from "March Madness," which is the big tournament (sort of like the Quidditch World Cup, but every year, and only for Americans) for Basketball. "Basketball" is a Muggle sport that's a little like Quidditch, but with only one ball, and no brooms - it's kind of complicated to explain.

Anyway, at least the socks are easy - or it's easy to explain what a sock is. It's not so easy to knit them, and that's kind of the point. The socks are hard to knit (and get harder), but you have to knit them faster than everyone else in your division. I finished these socks in just five days - and without any magic!

Knitting without magic is hard. These socks were from the second round of last year's Sock Madness, and I've only now finished them. Obviously, I didn't do so well then - but I'm hoping I'll make it to Round 3 this time around!

I have to let you in on a secret - I had just a little bit of magical help. Since it was in the privacy of my own room, I think it's OK - no worries about violating the International Statute of Secrecy or anything.

Besides, Oscar really wanted to help. Since he's part Niffler, he likes to burrow through things and find stuff. So it made perfect sense for him to help me dig through my trunks and pick out sock yarn. These are the ones he found for Round 1, and the choices turned out to be good, since I finished my sock. Now he's helping me get ready for Round 2, which begins on Saturday. I'm almost as excited about it as I am about Quidditch!

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