Sunday, March 29, 2009


I had a real surprise yesterday morning when an owl dropped off a package for me! I don't tend to move very fast in the morning, so it's a good thing it was a squishy package...and squishy packages are usually good.

This one was - it was yarn! From "Elanor" - maybe Elanor Cadogan? The owl didn't look familiar at all. I think it's a prize for doing homework, but I'm not completely sure.

Whatever it is, it's lovely yarn, and it made my day happy! The day got even happier when my fiance dropped by for a visit - he was on a trip for his Muggle school, and wound up nearby. Two great surprises in a day! Thank you, Elanor!

I'm not even putting the yarn away, because I may need it soon. I'm in the middle of Sock Madness, which is sort of like Dueling Club, but mostly involves Muggles. You have to knit socks very, VERY fast, and since Muggles are playing I can't even use magic! But I'll try to write more about that later.

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