Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fiber Fair

So today I'm writing to tell you that I'm not going to tell you much of anything.

I'll tell you where I was this weekend - at a Fiber Event.

I'll even tell you what I did - I walked around and bought some stuff.

But tell you what I bought? No way! I'm sure there's a Ssssneaky Sssslytherin out there who'd just love to know what sort of goodies I found, but she's going to have to be patient. But I assure you, there are goodies.

Want to see just a little bit? OK....

These are some of MY goodies. Sock yarn from Colortura Yarns, and some wonderful silk/wool yarn from Winterhaven Fiber Farm. I'm having lots of fun with my new yarn, and fun thinking about what I should share with my Slytherin friend.

But that's all I'm going to tell you.

1 comment:

Erika said...

awwww....I thought I was being sneaky....what you have is beautiful though!